Business Challenge

Better Customer Experience =
Better Bottom Line.

Deliver in-store mobility and targeted communications to improve the buying experience.

In-store mobility is bringing retailers exciting new opportunities to enhance customer engagement and loyalty but in turn demands high security and performance of store IT infrastructure. Retailers are able to create compelling customer experiences by equipping store associates with tablets and mobile POS devices. Customers are able to use their mobile devices to find product information and will seek out stores that facilitate this convenience. Both retailers and customers want to access rich media and video content while in the store—video traffic now represents 53 percent of all mobile traffic and is estimated to rise to 69 percent by 2018 according to Cisco’s annual report on global mobile traffic. Stores must have a powerful network with the necessary capacity, security, and Wi-Fi solutions to address not only today’s market requirements, but future needs as well.

Bandwidth, Security, and Guest Wi-Fi Are the Keys

Leveraging over three decades of innovations in network optimization, Hughes today delivers the highest quality, enterprise-grade performance over best-efforts broadband—and does it cost-effectively.

Security is no less important than high-capacity bandwidth for in-store mobility. As evidenced by recent high-profile credit card breaches at major retailers, significant loss of sales and brand reputation are the result. Customers won’t shop at stores they don’t trust.

After bandwidth and security, the final piece to supporting in-store mobility lies within the store itself. Specifically, it is in the air. The sheer complexity of in-store mobility initiatives requires much more than a simple wireless connection between a smart phone/tablet and a wireless Access Point (AP). Retailers need a flexible Wi-Fi infrastructure that is capable of adjusting to rapidly evolving market requirements.

To assist retailers with their in-store mobility initiatives, Hughes provides a fully-managed Wi-Fi service employing latest generation products and management tools. For example, using Aruba’s ClientMatch™, Wi-Fi connections are proactively managed and optimally distributed across all of the store’s APs. Client devices no longer “stick” to APs with a weak signal because they were the first AP seen by the device. Fair airtime access features ensure a single user will not dominate the store’s Wi-Fi resources, whether it originates from a guest’s or an associate’s device. ClearPass™, Aruba’s advanced captive portal solution, provides a powerful foundation for loyalty integration and end-user management, as well as associate device onboarding and access to network resources.

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