HughesON ActiveTechnologies™

Better application performance over affordable broadband.


Optimizing Application Performance

HughesON ActiveTechnologies is a suite of technologies designed into Hughes customer premises equipment (CPE) that elevates the quality of “best-efforts” broadband networks, such as DSL, into true enterprise-grade. Hughes has been a pioneer in WAN optimisation since the early days of satellite networking in the mid-80s, and today it continues to advance the optimisation of both terrestrial and satellite networks for distributed enterprises in all vertical sectors.


Hughes ActiveQoS™ technology is built-in to the HR4700 Branch Gateways, enabling high quality convergence of real-time voice, video and data traffic over affordable broadband networks. Unlike ‘best-efforts’ broadband solutions, Hughes ActiveQoS™ intelligently monitors the bandwidth end-to end over the WAN and regulates the proper volume of traffic sent—ensuring that voice, video, and real-time data get through, even in the presence of competing, non-critical application traffic.

Hughes ActiveQoS™ dynamically balances upstream and downstream traffic to available network capacity on a site-by-site basis, and is scalable to any number of sites. The result is high-quality, business-grade voice, video and other real-time traffic over affordable broadband, with significant cost savings over MPLS solutions.


Hughes ActiveCompression™ technology, built-in to the Hughes HS1200 Broadband Optimization Appliance, dramatically increases the ‘virtual’ bandwidth available at your branch locations, improving performance without incurring the expense of increasing the access link speed.

The technology employs an innovative two-step compression algorithm for optimum compression gain. In real time, ActiveCompression™ adaptively determines the combination of the two algorithms that provides the best overall compression.

The result is improved performance and more overall bandwidth for your applications—all delivered at a lower cost than other MPLS/T1 and Ethernet solutions.


Hughes ActiveBonding™ takes into account the inherent performance variability of broadband DSL networks by actively monitoring the performance of multiple broadband links, and intelligently bonds them together into one homogeneous, high-capacity connection. The result is up to eight times more bandwidth than T1 access at similar price points, and up to one-third less than the typical cost of Ethernet solutions.

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