Engage Customers at Every
Turn to Win Their Business

Improve the bottom line with HughesON Retail Solutions that
enhance customer experience, drive sales, and deepen

It's all about in-store mobility.

In partnership with Aruba Networks, Hughes has combined its ActiveQoS to work in tandem with Aruba's wireless LAN priority scheme. This means that customers can enjoy end-to-end QoS over both the wide-area network (WAN) and branch wireless LAN (WLAN). Now critical applications such as Mobile POS and Assisted Selling get the end-to-end priority they need over less critical traffic such as Guest Wi-Fi—providing true in-store mobility to drive your sales and increase customer satisfaction.

A well-informed customer is a demanding one.

Today's consumers have never had more information at their fingertips. With social media, they're also connected to other consumers who freely share their opinions and experiences. To win the business of these savvy consumers, you need to give them more options, more convenience, more information, and a better shopping experience. If you don't, you risk losing their business. With Hughes Guest Wi-Fi services, shoppers can tweet and post about their favorite products while still in your store. 

Traditional in-store Wi-Fi implementations can hobble critical business traffic such as POS tranactions and VoIP conversations when sharing the same Wi-Fi network with unpredictable guest Wi-Fi traffic. HughesON Wi-Fi combines Guest Wi-Fi and business networking into a single, highly secure solution that provides end-to-end priority for business applications and a great Wi-Fi experience for customers.

Engaging customers—and employees—at every turn.

With HughesON Digital Media Solutions, you'll enhance the customer experience with dynamic rich media that promotes your brand, provides instant product information, offers useful third-party reviews, and integrates social media or custom apps for even greater interactivity.

And with Hughes Managed Network Solutions, you can deliver the security, performance, speed and capacity you need to connect all of your locations (including headquarters), support multiple transactions, and handle all of the back-office functions to run your franchise efficiently.

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