Breakroom TV Powered by HUGHES MediaSignage

Integrated Signage, Communication and Employee Information System

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Drive store results– Communicate results on a store specific basis. The local team at each store will know exactly how their performance measures up.

Transform employee performance– Display real-time updates of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the big screen, develop pride in performance.

Increase employee satisfaction– Quality breaks will mean more effective employees when they are back. Employees relax with a portfolio of broadcast television options.

Cultivate employee loyalty– Bring a corporate presence into the store. Show employees the difference their company is making in the community and in the world. You have a private channel to share corporate values with the front line.

Improve employee expertise– Retail has changed. Consumers are more informed. Inform employees about new products and efficiently distribute knowledge in the organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Site by Site Customized Ticker
  • Easy-to-use web management interface
  • Centralized play-list creation and management
  • Scheduler administration system • Optional Live TV window with HD support
  • Support for multiple graphic and video file types
  • Emergency alert functionality
  • Available RS232 serial monitor controls
  • Flexible screen layout functions
  • Day-parting and flexible content scheduling
  • Optional local store content insertion
  • Robust Media Player platform
  • Multiple panel display support
  • Simple content publishing
  • Custom database integration services available
  • Robust report generation and export

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of content are supported? Hughes Breakroom TV accepts both videos and still images. For video it accepts .MP4, .MOV, .FLV and most .AVI files. For still images it accepts .JPG, .PNG and .GIF formats. The system will also display .SWF widgets, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds and will display web pages as part of the multi-panel display onscreen.

Does it support High Definition TV and Video? Hughes Breakroom TV offers an optional integration for live television from a standard definition or high definition source. We can support video resolutions up to 1080p from the video source. We also support high definition video files for content playback. Videos can be encoded at the highest possible bit rate and be supported on our player.

How do I manage the players and content? Hughes Breakroom TV is managed using a web browser. The content administrator logs into the admin page and has visibility into the entire network. Content can be ingested, scheduled and managed from this web interface. The administrator can also see what players are connected and the health and status of the player.

Is there training and documentation available? Hughes Breakroom TV has in-context help that is available while logged into the administrator interface. Hughes also provides training webinars for system administrators.

Can I allow local content insertion and still maintain overall control? Hughes Breakroom TV allows for local content place holders in the overall program. This enables you to provide a place in the playlist where local content can be inserted or to create an area on the screen that will play local content. You still retain control over when and where the local content is displayed.

What customer support is provided? Hughes provides several customer support offerings. Depending on the customer preference and need, Hughes can provide 24x7 telephone support for the remote sites or Tier 3 support to the customer’s own help desk staff. Hughes also provides onsite Field Maintenance services which can be purchased optionally.