Digital Media Solutions for Corporate Communications

This white paper is focused on the use of digital media for communicating to a target audience.

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Hughes is a global solution provider delivering solutions for broadband connectivity, media delivery, and corporate communications. This white paper is focused on the use of digital media for communicating to a target audience. The target audience can be internal or external and can involve large screen, small screen, and mobile devices.

As a global provider, Hughes develops solutions internally and works collaboratively with leading providers of hardware and software services. In this white paper we will explain our various offerings for corporate communications.

For Hughes, communication is the art of delivering a message to a target audience in a way and at a time when it is most likely to influence and serve. Corporate communication is simply focusing that message to improve business performance and improve results. As this white paper will show, we are delivering solutions that enable robust communication to meet business objectives.


Digital media is a widely accepted and frequently expected method of communicating information to a target audience. The availability of rich media (videos, images, and eBooks) on the Internet is changing the expectations of both consumers and employees on how we deliver information to them. Using digital media for corporate communications increases the flexibility, scalability, and general retention of your messages.

In today’s world of instant information access, communication must be dynamic. Changing the message to adapt to changing market conditions or events gives you the ability to keep your target audience informed and influence them based on current inventories, promotions, or programs.

Using digital media solutions allows you to expand your communication channels and reach quickly. In a distributed enterprise, when you need to add or move locations, you update the media player with information about the new location and the content is seamlessly updated and ready to go. When your communication needs expand and you want to add additional channels, you can add a media player and again with a simple configuration, you have a new communication channel ready to display. Having the ability to add and change channels gives you the ability to focus your digital media where it will do the most good.

Digital media allows you to use video, motion, animation, sound, and other media-rich tools to create a message that evokes powerful emotions. When messages generate emotion, they are more likely to be remembered and influence the target audience. It doesn’t matter if your purpose is to influence consumer purchases or to inform employees of a new corporate program or policy.

Use Cases

Customer Information

The Internet has changed how we shop. Consumers have an expectation that they can search and get information about a product or service in near real-time. Customers want to access information while they are shopping and business owners are recognizing this fact. Savvy business owners are growing their business by utilizing the consumers’ familiarity with rich media (from the Internet) and their desire for real-time access. Putting digital displays around their business, they can inform and influence customers in a way that is relevant and expected. When you are providing information to customers, you will need to create “channels” of information. These channels may align with departments in your store; they may align with services that you offer; or they may be used at different locations, such as entrance, shelf edge, and video wall. Having a digital media infrastructure enables you to create channels, change them as necessary, and fulfill your customer communication objectives.

Employee Communication

Too often businesses forget about a core audience that they need to message, inform, and influence. That audience is their employee base. Employee retention is a critical success factor for business in any industry. Retaining an employee is accomplished through many avenues, and chief among those avenues is creating a connection between the employee and the company. Digital media allows you to communicate relevant information in a manner that will get their attention and create impact.

Service Delivery

Digital media can be utilized to create customer service solutions as well as communication. Another channel within your digital media communication solution can be an interactive kiosk. Making the kiosk part of your digital media communication solution allows you to update both content and functionality remotely. It also allows you to schedule the kiosk functionality to change based on time of day, season, or other market-driven scheduling requirements.

Brand Enhancement

How your clients perceive your business is impacted by the experience they have when they visit your locations. Distributed organizations are using digital media solutions to create an experience and enhance their brand as guests visit their location.

By using a centrally managed digital media solution, you can control the experience and ensure that each location is playing the most current information and that the information changes based on your corporate plan. Digital media gives you flexibility and scalability to continue to enhance the visitors’ experience at every location within your company.

Example Solutions

Hughes Digital ConciergeTM

The primary purpose of this solution is to provide guests with information about local attractions and points of interest. The secondary purpose is to provide a platform for ultra-local advertising. Using the map functionality and a lobby location will get eyes on the screen. This viewership can be capitalized into an advertising platform where the local property owner can sell ads on the screen.

Hughes Digital Associate KioskTM

With the introduction of smaller footprint locations, many retailers are able to display fewer items on the shelf. The Hughes Digital Associate lets you create an endless aisle where the customer can shop and learn about products before making a selection. It saves shelf space, but also offers quality customer service.

Hughes Multichannel SignageTM

When you need to drive multiple screens at every location and have different messages for different areas of the location, you need Hughes Multichannel Signage Service. This solution allows you to deliver different messages on every screen and manage a wide range of display solutions, including shelf-edge eInk displays. The Hughes multichannel solution allows you to setup rules about when and where content will play, eliminating the need to manage a lot of separate playlists. The multichannel solution also includes the ability to integrate advertising sales management as well.

Hughes Lobby TVTM

Reducing perceived wait time is an important business objective. When your guests are given a chance to watch television, it will reduce the perceived wait time. If you have their attention on the screen, why not put some of your own brand and service messages there too? Hughes has a solution that lets you put live, commercial television onscreen next to your business messages. Now you can entertain and inform your customers while you deliver great service in what will seem like "no time at all."

Hughes Ask the ExpertTM

If you have an area of your business where specialty service is required you can augment your in-person staff with the Hughes Ask the Expert solution. This solution can provide standard digital media display until there is a need to speak to an expert and the customer can simply touch an onscreen button and open a direct two-way video chat with a product or service expert anywhere in the world.

Hughes Digital Bulletin BoardTM

Transition the static, stale corkboard into a dynamic, exciting message platform. Employees are far more likely to notice the messages when delivered with rich media. Plus you get the added benefit of changing the messages or even the layout of the board at anytime.

Solution Components

Depending on your particular needs and requirements, Hughes will provide a solution utilizing the correct components in our portfolio. At a high level, there are certain key components of every digital media communication solution.

Content Management

In order to properly utilize digital media, you need to know what you have and easily determine when and where to use the assets. Content management is more than just storing the digital assets; it includes managing expirations, access control, and integration with the scheduling and delivering systems. All of the Hughes solutions have content management services and this enables you to utilize a wide range of content from a range of sources.


One of the attractions of using digital media is the ability to display what you want, when you want. Hughes also knows that you need the ability to plan for the next day, week, month, or longer. Our digital media solutions give you the ability to schedule both content and layout into the future. Now you can create a plan, schedule the plan, and focus on the business while the Hughes solutions keep your messages coming on- time and on-message. Content expirations are handled within the system, eliminating the need for you to change playlists when it is not convenient. You focus on the message and the Hughes solutions will make sure your message is delivered when and where you planned.

Content Delivery

When you consider digital media across a distributed network, you have to consider how you will get the digital assets to the remote sites and to the correct player. Hughes has years of experience with distributed networks and we can help you determine the best way to manage your content delivery to eliminate network stress. Our solutions include the ability to schedule content delivery and to limit the delivery so that it does not interrupt the core business services that are depending on network availability. Hughes is delivering media-rich content for enterprises around the world. We can bring this experience and service to your network and enable you to meet your communication objectives.

Integration with External Data

Many of our Hughes digital media solutions give you the ability to display information that is coming from external data sources. Primary examples are news and weather from a national service. You may also want to utilize data from internal systems as well. You can display data from an internal system or you can have the display react based on data from an internal system. Additionally, there will be times when you want data from the digital media solution to travel back to your internal systems so you can track, report, and analyze the results and create plans to improve the effectiveness of your communication.


When you deploy a digital media solution, you make a choice to expand the power, flexibility, and scale of your messaging activities. In order to justify the continuing work and value of this solution, you need to analyze data about the performance. The Hughes digital media solutions include various analytic capabilities to help you, ranging from simple playback reporting to detailed analysis of the messages and their effectiveness. We recognize this need and we provide you the ability to meet your analytic requirements.

Solution Partners

In order to deliver the best solution for your business, Hughes has partnered with key industry technology providers. Our approach is to understand your communication requirements, share our experiences, and consult with you about how to best meet your objectives. After we have done this, we will recommend a solution that Hughes can deliver as a turnkey solution for your business.


With more than two decades of experience in the digital signage software business, SCALA is a recognized leader in digital signage software development. Hughes has worked with SCALA for several years as a solution provider. We have collaborated on projects to drive digital communication for enterprise organizations. Hughes has worked closely with SCALA engineers to build solutions that meet the demanding needs for customization and integration of an enterprise communication solution. SCALA’s innovative, dependable, cutting-edge technology is constantly evolving, and together with Hughes we are delivering amazing results for our customers. SCALA is 100% dedicated to building world-class signage software, which is demonstrated by the flexibility and diverse options for message delivery that can be accomplished using their software solutions.

Hughes has worked with SCALA to create a media player offering from Hughes that includes a SCALA-certified software image combined with the Hughes content delivery solutions. We take this combination and add field maintenance and remote management capabilities to deliver a unique and powerful solution from SCALA and Hughes.


The Cisco Interactive Experience Client is an enterprise-grade configurable and manageable Web client designed to deliver interactive multimedia services for public venues, including high-definition digital displays and kiosks. This managed kiosk platform includes integration components to work with a wide range of Web-compatible applications and includes integrations for Cisco Call Manager. The client hardware is designed for highly reliable, embedded kiosk applications. The Cisco IEC supports touchscreens and other externally connected devices.

Hughes has collaborated with Cisco to create solutions that take full advantage of the benefits of the IEC. Our collaboration has integrated the IEC into the Hughes MediaSignage solution as an additional player type that can be used with our MediaGate Server infrastructure. This allows you to manage content and playlists for multiple player types from a single web-based management interface. Customers can turn to Hughes for a fully integrated, turn-key solution. That solution includes the power and flexibility of Hughes management tools plus the robust and reliable Cisco IEC player.


Hughes is enabling business leaders to enhance their communication initiatives by providing corporate communication solutions that are dynamic, flexible, and scalable. By providing solutions that offer high quality, easy-to-use content access, Hughes is removing barriers and opening opportunities. Gone are the days in which outdated content creates confusion within the business. Gone are the days when content is not easily customized and immediately available in the local language. Gone are the days when businesses cannot quickly and effectively communicate with the target audiences.

Your business will benefit greatly from implementing Hughes solutions. Fortunately, such implementations will not only make your business more competitive, but it will save money in operating expenses, lost productivity, and communication costs.

Hughes uses our networking experience to deliver solutions that enable simple, secure, and reliable operation using any combination of satellite and terrestrial LAN/WAN networks. This experience provides customers a comprehensive enterprise-wide corporate communications infrastructure. With this infrastructure, they can deliver digital content to the targeted audience when, where, and how it is needed.


  • Create a flexible, dynamic, and scalable digital media messaging solution

  • Operate with central management and control

  • Expand your ability to reach target audiences with relevant and timely messaging

  • Adapt to changing conditions and the need to update messaging based on real-time data and conditions

  • Turnkey solution from a global provider