Hughes Enterprise VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is making profound changes in telecommunications today by leveraging data networks to transmit voice services.

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is making profound changes in telecommunications today by leveraging data networks to transmit voice services. This innovation promises the enterprise many benefits including advanced call features, streamlined business processes, cost reductions, and flexibility of access. But the high cost of leased line MPLS access have kept many distributed enterprises from adopting VoIP. In addition, the quality and reliability of current VoIP solutions vary widely depending on the transport technology and location.

Enter Hughes Enterprise VoIP—a fully managed VoIP service that solves both cost and quality problems. As part of the Hughes Converged Broadband Architecture (CBA) with ActiveQoSTM technology, Hughes Enterprise VoIP delivers high-quality voice over affordable DSL and cable. Hughes ActiveQoS technology employs end-to-end intelligence across the broadband network to ensure business-grade VoIP and to maintain peak application performance. With Hughes Enterprise VoIP, enterprises get all the benefits of consolidated voice and data services from a single trusted provider—all the advanced features and convenience of VoIP while lowering costs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Enterprise-grade VoIP

    • Gain immediate and sustained cost savings
    • Eliminate costly analog phone lines
    • Leverage new voice management features including Web portal, advanced call routing, cloud-based PBX features
    • Get one fixed flat-rate price for all your local and long distance calls
    • Connect Hughes Enterprise VoIP to your current system—no costly upgrades
    • Enhance the customer and workforce experiences with advanced VoIP features

The Power of Business-grade VoIP

    • With Hughes Enterprise VoIP you get the full power of VoIP at both headquarters and branches.
    • Full-featured service includes Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking and hosted VoIP
    • WAN Optimization enables more bandwidth for voice and better application performance
    • Hughes ActiveQoS technology delivers high voice quality
    • Fully managed, integrated voice and data service with tracking of detailed quality
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Control Costs Through Convergence

Hughes Enterprise VoIP saves you money three ways:
    • Transport level—economical broadband replaces the need for costly T1 lines
    • Telephony level—saves up to 30% over traditional POTS lines
    • Business level—streamlines your business with a fully managed service from a single trusted provider—efficient management of enterprise-wide calls, flexible call control, and maximum savings

Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Equipment

Hughes Enterprise VoIP also gives you the option to keep existing phones and wiring. New feature options include auto-attendants and hunt groups, voice mail and eFax with nationwide local number porting, e911, and flat-priced local and long-distance calling services.

Welcome to the VoIP Future. Today.

Meet the voice and data needs of all your locations, improving both workforce and customer experiences. Eliminate the high costs of leased line T1/MPLS, the frustration of unreliable service, and the headaches of dealing with multiple providers. Meet Hughes Enterprise VoIP—reliable, fully managed business- grade VoIP over affordable broadband.