Hughes HR4700 Branch Gateway™

Designed for the unique needs of the distributed enterprise, features advanced threat protection including next-generation firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN, and Web filtering.

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Traditionally, enterprises have deployed firewalls with enhanced security features along with independent WAN optimization platforms at their branch locations. Hughes has combined security, routing, and optimization into one easy-to-manage and deploy device that offers dramatic cost savings over multiple box solutions.

The Hughes Branch Gateways—the HR4400 and HR4700—were developed to offer varying performance and feature sets to better meet the diverse needs of the distributed enterprise.

The Hughes HR4700 Branch Gateway delivers best- in-class enterprise-grade security and routing, with innovative broadband optimization technology in one easy-to-deploy unified platform managed by Hughes.

Designed for the unique needs of the distributed enterprise, the HR4700 Branch Gateway delivers advanced threat protection, including next-generation firewall, IDS/IPS, VPN, and Web filtering. Along with robust security, the device transforms best-efforts broadband WANs into enterprise-grade WANs, delivering powerful Quality of Service (QoS) and superior application performance through advanced technology.

Robust Security

The HR4700 incorporates industry-leading Fortinet security solutions, enabling Hughes to provide next- generation firewall capabilities such as Intrusion Detection/Prevention, application control, and protection from advanced threats and other security technologies such as data leak prevention and vulnerability scanning— all centrally managed by Hughes.

High Capacity

The HR4700 is capable of supporting high-throughput speeds without compromising its security functions. As a result, remote branches can operate with more security, more control, and more intelligence with unmatched network performance.

High Application Performance – QoS and Compression

Hughes has integrated its innovative Hughes ActiveQoSTM technology, which provides true end-to- end QoS over cost-effective broadband networks, such as DSL, cable, and fiber into the HR4700 Branch Gateway. This capability, in conjunction with Hughes ActiveCompressionTM, which combines long-range and short-range compression algorithms for optimum compression gains, enables the HR4700 to deliver superior application performance of business-critical applications in the presence of other noncritical applications.

Next-Generation Security Features

  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention

  • Data Leak Prevention – Full Protection

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Content/Web Filtering

  • Advanced antivirus/antimalware

  • Log Management and Reporting

Broadband Optimization Features

  • ActiveQoS:

− Supports real-time traffic such as voice and video

− Improves response time up to 5x for mix of traffic

− Supports RDP/Citrix applications

− Supports split tunnel configurations for Guest/ Enterprise WiFi

− Learns and scales with the network

  • ActiveCompression delivers:

− Up to 20 to 50 times more virtual throughput, depending upon traffic

− Faster application response times

  • Smart Classification adapts as applications are added, classifying IP flows for better performance

  • TCP Optimization against packet loss