Hughes 9201 M2M Satellite IP SCADA Terminal

Global machine-to-machine communications via Inmarsat BGAN service

Download (1.17 MB)

The Hughes 9201-M2M is a SCADA-ready, machine-to-machine version of the highly successful 9201 terminal certified for operation on Inmarsat’s BGAN global communications service. Rugged and easy to use, the Hughes 9201-M2M is fully IP-compatible and is configured for self-contained SCADA operation via a standard Ethernet interface.

IP SCADA ready

Ideal for the oil, gas, and utility industries, the Hughes 9201-M2M can be readily packaged for continuous monitoring and control of remote sites, such as well automation, pipeline monitoring, utility SmartMeter backhaul, and backup to VSAT networks. Easy to set up, the robust Hughes 9201-M2M provides connectivity in minutes and is built to operate in extreme weather conditions. Compact and versatile, the single-box Hughes 9201-M2M is a highly secure, cost- effective and “always on” SCADA solution for a wide range of traffic sites handling kilobytes, megabytes or even gigabytes of data.


  • Full IP compatibility—SMTP email, file transfer (FTP), and VPN
  • Global public fixed IP available
  • Cost-effective, “always-on” access—only charged for data sent and received
  • Web MMI is accessible via Wi-Fi enabled smart phones
  • Auto context activation feature allows PDP contexts to be activated without user action
  • Easy to install and connects in minutes
  • UMTS IP-based services
  • FCC, CE, and GMPCS certified

The Hughes 9201-M2M is designed and developed by Hughes, the world leader in broadband satellite networks and services, with more than 3.3 million terminals shipped to customers in over 100 countries.


  • User Interfaces
  • SIM card
  • LED and audio pointing aids
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • Serial-Ethernet interface available (see Hughes representative for details)
  • Internal Web MMI
  • Terminal configuration and control via any browser (
  • Accessible via any Wi-Fi-enabled PDA, iPhone, or Blackberry
  • Auto On/Auto Power Cycle
  • Terminal maintains an efficient, “always-on” connection, where users pay only for data transmitted.
  • SMS Wakeup (optional feature)
  • Package
  • 9201-M2M Satellite IP SCADA Terminal
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
  • AC main power adapter (110 VAC - 240 VAC)
  • Ethernet cable
  • User guide (PDF file Web site)
  • Optional Accessories
  • Standard lithium ion battery pack
  • Extended lithium ion battery pack
  • Terminal enclosures (see Hughes representative for details)
  • AC mains power adapter (110 to 240 VAC) output
  • Fixed mount kit
  • DC/DC adapter (10–32 VDC)
  • External flat-panel passive antenna - IP67