Optimized VPN

A one-stop managed network service delivering secure broadband connectivity to all locations.

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Your business needs to be online, all the time, with the fastest communications possible. That means broadband. Today, bandwidth-intensive applications are driving businesses to transition from legacy networks, such as dial-up and frame relay, to broadband virtual private networks (VPNs). But delivering secure, affordable broadband to all your branch sites, regardless of location, can be a complex and expensive proposition. How do you connect all your locations with broadband? T1 lines can be prohibitively expensive, and often DSL and cable are just not available. Do you have time to manage multiple network providers?

Hughes Optimized VPN

It takes the right tools—and smart use of technology—to get the highest overall network performance at the right price. Hughes Optimized VPN is a managed network service that leverages landline and wireless technologies to deliver secure and reliable broadband connectivity to all your locations across the United States. Using the most efficient and cost- effective technology for each site, Hughes Optimized VPN creates a one-stop managed broadband service to support your mission-critical business applications and meet your organization’s goals and requirements.


  • Nationwide broadband coverage
  • Fully managed service from a single provider
  • Choice of landline or wireless technologies for the most efficient and cost-effective technology at each location
  • Secure end-to-end network, designed from standards-based technologies
  • Hughes Customer Gateway to track network activity

Nationwide reach with a choice of technology

Hughes Optimized VPN leverages an integrated landline and wireless network to deliver complete broadband connectivity to all your locations—across the city or across the country, even where DSL and cable cannot reach.

  • Choose the most efficient broadband technology—landline and wireless—for each location
  • Improve your bottom line with affordable pricing for your entire branch network regardless of location
  • Future-proof your network with the flexibility to increase your bandwidth
  • Highest security standards
  • With Hughes Optimized VPN, you can be confident of a fully secure, end-to-end network to safeguard your data and systems.
  • Optional private network implementation (network traffic doesn’t touch the Internet)
  • Standards-based technologies, such as IPSec tunneling and AES encryption
  • PCI-compliant architectures available for all broadband access technologies
  • Optional private network implementation (network traffic doesn’t touch the Internet)

The integrated managed service advantage

As a fully managed service, Hughes Optimized VPN delivers uniform network and service management for all your locations regardless of the broadband technology used. Experience the benefits of this integrated service:

  • Turnkey network deployment, configuration, and implementation
  • Proactive fault management of your customer premises equipment and network
  • Performance management of your network and applications
  • Comprehensive, enterprise-grade service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Superior customer care and nationwide on-site field service
  • Experienced program management

Bird's-eye view

The Hughes Customer Gateway provides a view into your network, offering proactive monitoring, fault management, and reporting capabilities in real-time. No more worrying about the network, so you can focus on your business.

The best value

By utilizing both landline and wireless technologies, HughesNet Optimized VPN delivers the best value and bandwidth across all your branch locations. Whether Hughes deploys DSL, cable, satellite, EVDO or T1 technology, your branch offices are part of one seamless network architecture. Choose Hughes for a secure and reliable broadband solution that can be optimized to fit your business needs.

The Hughes Managed Services suite

The Hughes Managed Services portfolio offers additional turnkey service options designed to meet a variety of your business needs.

  • High-Availability VPN—delivers unsurpassed network availablility for your branch locations—up to 99.99+%.
  • Access Continuity—ensures your branch locations stay online in the event of a landline disruption.
  • Emergency Services—ensures your locations stay online in the event of a disaster—ready for immediate deployment.
  • Business IPTV—delivers high-impact corporate communications to all your locations using high-quality video.
  • Digital Signage—delivers targeted, high-impact, rich-media content to your customers at the point-of-purchase.

Experience that is second to none

Nothing beats experience when it comes to meeting complex communications challenges. For over 30 years, Hughes has led the market in satellite technology, innovation, and service. Now, with integrated landline and wireless platforms and single-source management, Hughes takes networking to the highest level and empowers companies to achieve seamless connectivity and expand their competitive horizons.