Employee Engagement Suite

Hughes Corporate DVR

Bring the power of the DVR to the office, broadcast
content live, or distribute it for on-demand viewing.

Distributed organizations that have strong communication programs have a higher productivity rate and can recognize higher profits. Using video to communicate with the distributed workforce is the best way to communicate. Delivering high-impact video content to remote sites and allowing employees to choose when and where they view it is the best practice.

Open Communication

Employee engagement is critical to success, which calls for open communication. Do the employees feel connected to the company? Do the employees trust the company? Do the employees understand how their role contributes to the overall success of the company? The best way to build this relationship with employees is to let them hear regularly from the executive leadership within the company.

Video Communication

Executive leadership and subject matter experts cannot reasonably travel to every remote location of a distributed enterprise. High impact and timely video messaging is the best and most cost-effective way to engage with employees and keep them informed of company goals, no matter the location and using both live and recorded segments. Brief but frequent messages will help build morale and result in a more informed and productive workforce.

Flexible Communication

Society has become accustomed to viewing content when and where it is convenient. The introduction of the home-based DVR has revolutionized commercial television viewing. No longer subjected to network schedules, viewers can record and watch television whenever and wherever they want on any number of fixed or portable devices. Enterprise communication needs to be just as flexible, using the latest video technologies to communicate messages, deliver training, and improve productivity.

Local Communication

In addition to the value provided by hearing from company leaders at HQ, it is also important that employees hear from their local leaders and coworkers. Good ideas need to be shared across shifts and at times when employees need and want to listen. Providing a method for local leadership to share video messages across a large number of employees and shifts will increase the effectiveness of the local team as well.

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