HughesON Managed Network Solutions

Empower Customers and Employees with Wi-Fi Access

Experience up to 300% improvement in Wireless Local Area Network bandwidth and performance.

Wi-Fi has created a new environment for business operations and for selling or customer engagement opportunities. But it’s also placing new burdens and security threats on your network.

Using the same intelligent Hughes optimization technologies that power enterprise WAN solutions—including ActiveQoS™ and ActiveCompression™—HughesON Wi-Fi solutions let companies like yours enjoy faster guest Wi-Fi and enterprise networking in a single, managed, highly secure solution. Critical applications get the end-to-end priority they need over less critical applications.

And Hughes recognizes that a critical element to adding Wi-Fi to the existing network is to continue to ensure PCI compliance, while boosting network performance. All at a better price point!

Guest WiFi

Hughes Guest Wi-Fi lets your customers and visitors enjoy faster guest Wi-Fi and in a single, managed, highly secure solution

Customers across a wide number of industries—including retail, hospitality, banking and petroleum/convenience stores—are turning to “amenities-based” guest Wi-Fi solutions to help improve customer service, increase customer engagement, and gain more traction with point-of-purchase promotions.

If you have similar goals, Hughes can enable you to leverage your existing private network connectivity to safely support public Wi-Fi access or to deploy individual networks to separate guest Wi-Fi traffic from your corporate applications. Hughes Guest Wi-Fi provides key features including a captive portal (a branded landing page with URL redirect), anti-spam, anti-virus, registration email capture, and content filtering – all designed to increase your customer engagement capabilities in secure and strategic ways.

Enterprise WiFi

Empower Your Employees with Mobility.

Enterprise customers are deploying private Wi-Fi solutions to empower employees with the mobility necessary for more efficient performance. Whether the need is for a faster assessment of inventory or better informed customer assistance, Hughes provides a secure, private enterprise Wi-Fi solution service that protects confidential corporate communications. It gives businesses enterprise-grade wireless connectivity for employees to use their mobile devices to access training materials and other job-related information.

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