Hughes — the Right Partner for your Franchise, no Matter How Big or Small.

Connectivity, Security, Wi-Fi, Digital Media Services and more designed specifically for the unique challenges of a Franchise Business.

For over 30 years, Hughes has proudly served the franchise market, providing innovative solutions, services, and technologies to major national brands: ExxonMobil, QDOBA, BP, Jack in the Box, SONIC, Chevron, Denny’s, Phillips 66, and others.

In that time, Hughes has developed unmatched service capabilities to not only support large Franchisors, but also smaller ones and their Franchisees. All the while delivering the same incomparable security, quality, and service.

Ideal for fast casual restaurants, gas stations, fitness centers, financial services offices, eye care centers, insurance agencies, retail stores and more!

With Hughes, no matter where your brand has locations, you won’t be constrained by regional telco providers and the limited services they offer. With Hughes’ pedigree in the franchise industry, there’s no need to shy away from creating a robust digital customer experience. Or, worry it’s not being consistently delivered across all your locations.  

Additionally, Hughes can further enhance the customer experience with world-class digital signage & communication solutions, including digital menu boards, digital promotional signage, and interactive kiosks.  These same solutions can also seamlessly deliver corporate / franchisor messaging and updates, in real-time or on demand.  
Why Hughes for Franchise
Secure Connectivity Services - The Security Your Business Needs. The Support You Want.

3 Reasons to Partner with Hughes....

We're uniquely qualified to meet your franchise business needs.
Here's what we deliver that others can't - and don't!

“Before, we had to install a dedicated circuit at each store to increase store applications, with no backup protection,” one Chief Information Officer for a retail petroleum brand recalled. “Now, we can do everything with one Hughes solution.”

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