The digitization of healthcare is ushering a renaissance in the way care is delivered.  The confluence of public policy, technology and the patient-centric reorientation of care has set the stage for transformation in this industry.  Technology is the catalyst for transforming our care strategies that make healthcare organizations financially whole and enhance outcomes. Fully understanding that clinical adoption of these technologies requires multiple stakeholder buy-in once the commitment is made technology partners can guide these future-oriented organizations achieve the blue ocean of lower costs and superior outcomes – break the value-cost tradeoff.

Digitization, however, needs an operating structure that allows its benefits to accrue to the most important stakeholder – the patients. As former HHS Secretary Arthur Leavitt said at HIMSS 2017, "America is in the midst of a 40-year transition towards Value-Based Care." As this transition accelerates due to digitization care coordination, proactive patient monitoring (active and passive), and wellness will gain primacy across the care continuum. The location of care will be increasingly amorphous and will rely ever increasingly on the digital infrastructure healthcare organizations create to deliver their services.

HUGHES has enabled organizations to better serve their missions, connect with their stakeholders and enrich the lives of their customers. Across the wide spectrum of pharmacies, VA hospitals, vision care and other care delivery organizations Hughes solutions have made a difference. Our own mission of service has been demonstrated in our frontline responses to numerous natural disasters through the United States and the world. The remote, the disconnected and digitally marginalized have been a focus of our business. We have had the privilege of partnering with industries that rode the digitization wave to do more and serve more. Today, we are recommitting ourselves to partner with forward looking healthcare organizations that embrace the digital transformation at their doorstep.

We believe the cloud should be in every organizations reach in a secure, high-quality and reliable way. We believe that communication between care providers, patients and loved ones should be effective, seamless and always-available. We believe that geography should never be an impediment to adoption of the best methods of care.

It is time to take incremental proof-of-concepts to scale and bring care to all corners of the nation with a partner that allows you to focus on what’s most important to you – outcomes for the ones you care for.

Benefits for Healthcare

We believe in communication solutions that touch every stakeholder in every location –

  • Cloud access for caregiving staff in offices and using mobile carts to securely handle EHRs,
  • Active and passive remote patient monitoring for patients and their loved ones,
  • Digital media for the best communication between caregivers throughout a facility and across facilities
  • A digital infrastructure that is dependable and a platform for onboarding technologies that enable the best patient outcomes and resident joy

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