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Hughes Managed Router Services complement our Managed Broadband Connectivity [LINK] by simplifying the management of routing equipment across all locations. The service provides for end-to-end high availability and secure site access across the entire wide area network. Avoid the burden of day-to-day network management and free your team to focus on business-critical initiatives. Hughes monitors, manages, and maintains your network for you, bringing decades of expertise and industry-leading customer service to provide 24x7x365 support to your business. Partnering with the right MSP is a proven and cost-effective way to help improve the performance of your WAN and IT team. This managed service improves the end-user experience and enhances application performance across all your locations. The Managed Router offering includes router installation, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, help desk, billing, and management, plus end-to-end secure VPN tunneling from all sites. We partner with industry leaders Fortinet, Cisco, and Meraki for platforms to support our services, as well as develop our own.


  • Simplify all aspects of network management and operation
  • Optimize network performance
  • Increase cost-effectiveness and results for the IT team

Key Features:

  • Full range of services, from design to on-site support
  • Optimized network performance
  • 24x7x365 management and support
  • Tiered Customer Support options
  • Visibility into all activities available through the HughesON Portal
  • Responsive on-site field maintenance
  • Automated remediation and self-healing solutions to improve customer experience
Self-Healing Networks Powered by Hughes
Hughes AI Powers Self-Healing WAN



Pioneering AI-based Solutions

Hughes is pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions to self-heal managed routers in a number of instances, reducing the need to dispatch technicians for resolution and avoiding service disruption during business hours. Hughes’ AIOps technologies continually monitor routers to determine which may have a high likelihood of predicted failure based on high CPU and memory consumption and to auto-reset those routers outside of business hours before failure occurs. No human intervention is necessary. Last year, this technology saved our customers over 2,800 hours of business downtime last year

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