Managed Switch Services

Improve LAN performance with consistent design and management of switches across all locations

Optimized and Secure LAN, the easy way!


Hughes Managed Switch Services simplifies the management of LAN switches across all locations. The service complements our Managed Router Service [LINK] by bringing all of the devices under the same management control and integrates the WAN and LAN service to ensure consistent and seamless operations and management.

The service provides for end-to-end high reliability and security across each site. By optimizing switch performance and integrating with the WAN, the Managed Switch Service prepares businesses and IT teams to handle growing demand from video and other bandwidth-intensive applications.


  • Simplify all aspects of network management and operation
  • Optimize network performance
  • Increase cost-effectiveness and results for the IT team

Key Features:

  • Full range of services, from design to on-site support
  • Optimized network performance
  • 24x7x365 management and support
  • Tiered Customer Support options
  • Visibility into all activities available through the HughesON Portal
  • Responsive on-site field maintenance

Create and enforce policies that extend across the network, including wired and wireless authentication


With Hughes Managed Switching Service, you can gain greater control over your distributed network’s many switches, ensuring switches are consistently configured for optimum reliability, performance, and enhanced security through Network Access Control and MAC Authentication. Our Managed Switch portfolio includes industry leaders Cisco, Fortinet and Aruba.

Network Access Control


Key Features:

  • Alerts on unusual activity such as irregular authentication, network device access, and attempts to execute privileged access commands
  • Watchlists for users and devices that have been identified as problematic
  • Reporting, both on-demand and scheduled
  • Automated Threat Detection


  • Delivers fine-grained access control to devices on the network
  • Offers simple policy administration to onboard IoT and client devices
  • Improves security and device visibility


MAC Authentication


Key Features:

  • Supports the ability to analyze user and profile data and dynamically assign a VLAN to the client


  • Dynamic VLAN segmentation unifies policy enforcement across wired and wireless networks—keeping traffic secure and separate

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