What Makes a PRO?


How to become proficient and professional in your work activities

One of the many podcasts I listen to is the Cash Flow Diary with J. Massey. He is an awesome speaker and has some terrific guests on his show each week. One of his constant points is that you must “practice what you teach” and I believe he truly does. But recently he was talking with his guest and he shared something that really stuck with me. He asked the audience, “Do you want to become proficient and professional at what you do?”  And then he went on to say that if you want to be a PRO you have to do three things.

You must Practice what you do, practice makes a habit and practice makes you better. Then you must be Responsible and take ownership of your situation. If you want your life to change, then you must change things in your life. Finally, you have to be Optimistic and see what you want to be, have a vision of what you want.

This stuck with me and I have written this down alongside my computer. If I want to achieve great things, become proficient, then I need to Practice, take Responsibility and be Optimistic. Are you ready to be a PRO?


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Mike Tippets

Mike Tippets is the Vice President for Enterprise Marketing & Organizational Development at Hughes. He leads a team that helps multi-site businesses engage, communicate, grow and make The Right Connection with their staff and their customers. Follow Mike Tippets on LinkedIn and Twitter @HughesMediaVP.