Enterprise VPNs: Choose Performance, Reliability, and Low Cost

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IT executives are always asked to provide more with less, particularly in this challenging economic environment. There is constant pressure to deliver business applications with higher performance (speed and reliability) at a lower cost. For the distributed enterprise, there have typically been two choices for Wide-Area Network (WAN) Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions—broadband VPNs or an MPLS solution. What if there were a new third alternative that offered more performance at a better price point than either of these two approaches?

This white paper compares the costs and risks associated with traditional broadband VPN and MPLS approaches, followed by an examination of a new high-availability VPN solution from Hughes. The Hughes solution overcomes the drawbacks associated with traditional broadband IP-VPN and T1-WANs, delivering unprecedented availability, high-performance bandwidth, and robust security—all at a competitive price point...


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