Getting Stakeholders on the Same Page, Part II

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Select the Right Solutions for an Enterprise-wide Video Ecosystem for Communications and Training for the Right Reasons

A key part of the corporate strategy for video communications and training is selecting the right technology suite that works throughout the enterprise to meet the unique and varying requirements of all departments.

What used to be a relatively simple process for video communicators has become more complex,now that everything is digital, computerized and moving toward Video over IP (VoIP). Driving the increased use of video is the affordable cost of video equipment and software, as well as social media, mobile devices, VR and AR, etc. Also, this is a time where everyone is a producer of video content, which is inbound from a limitless number and type of sources (devices). In turn, video content is viewed by nearly everyone on a variety of  screens, from high definition televisions (HDTV), to desktops and mobile devices.


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