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Voice Matters

Despite the advent and growth of new communication channels between consumers and businesses, voice services remain important. Research, including Google’s study on the use of their “click to call” function, shows that for instant answers, complex problem solving or just a personal touch, customers still want to talk to a human being. If you are not using a business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, you’re missing out on a valuable way to engage with your customers, enhance their experience, and generate revenue.

Benefits of VoIP

A VoIP system enhances the customer and workforce experience and improves efficiency with flexible call routing and integrates into modern UC systems. Hughes’ VoIP solutions provide high-quality voice communications that are affordable, flexible, and offer more features than traditional business phone lines. By leveraging existing Hughes networks to converge data and voice, Hughes VoIP Solutions allow for a single network partner and one bill. A VoIP solution doesn’t require the replacement of existing Hughes technology—and can have a dramatic impact on your overall cost.

Finding Efficiencies

IT budget demands can seem never-ending. Businesses and franchise organizations are under pressure to maintain a reliable network to meet the requirements for PCI compliance and to be vigilant and anticipatory of growing cybersecurity threats. Add to those ongoing concerns the increasing demand for bandwidth driven by onsite devices and applications dependent on the network, and the pressure mounts to find cost efficiencies. Hughes’ VoIP solutions and services can significantly reduce telecom fees for each business and franchise location.

An example might be a hospital that has a main campus with hundreds of patient rooms and a variety of professional services offices that are located near and far. With VoIP services in place, the phone calls between long-distance locations to and from the main hospital are now carried on the data network and don’t incur long-distance charges. Voice and video communications are advanced now because both can traverse the network together, improving the communication between staff and other locations. Call routing between departments and locations is now done more easily and inbound calls can be quickly routed to the correct person. The Hughes VoIP service is flexible and allows for both Analog and Digital phones to co-exist. For those places that are upgraded to VoIP phones, they plug directly into the network. For those places where there are still older analog phones, these are plugged into an ATA which then converts the analog signal to digital and can pass it over the network. This flexibility allows an organization to grow at a pace that its budget can plan for and sustain.

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