SD-WAN’s New SASE (“Sassy”) Friend

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Over the last several years, across all industries and types of enterprises, there has been a titanic shift away from traditional data centers to the Cloud. Then, there was the pandemic, which forced millions of employees to work from home and to struggle with accessing resources on their networks. Legacy security architectures simply aren’t equipped to support this type of mass-scale remote work arrangement or to safeguard against growing threats.

A better solution is a security fabric that brokers identity-based control and context.

Enter SASE (pronounced “sassy”) the acronym for Secure Access Service Edge. SASE is a relatively new concept promoted by Gartner that “combines network security functions with Wide Area Network (WAN) capabilities to support the dynamic secure access needs of organizations.” While not a new technology, SASE integrates several existing security technologies and practices, and looks at deploying them primarily via the Cloud to create a new security framework. As Gartner explains, SASE can transform enterprise networking and security and “provide a holistic, agile, and adaptable service to the digital business.” In this e-book, we’ll explore the many attributes of this promising approach.

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