HughesON PCI Compliance Suite
Making the process easy to ensure your network is always PCI-compliant.

As the cybersecurity threat continues to grow, nothing is more important than keeping your customers’ data secure. Doing so not only protects your customers, it also protects your business and your reputation. This is especially true for merchants in the retail, restaurant, and retail petroleum industries where ensuring their networks are PCI-compliant has become a main priority.

PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is ultimately about establishing compliance and maintaining data security. For merchants, often with limited IT resources, knowing how to become compliant and then staying compliant, can be a difficult and time-consuming task. 

The new Hughes PCI Compliance Suite is designed to help you make the PCI compliance process easier so you can focus on your business without worrying about the status of your compliance.

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Secure SD-WAN Considerations

PCI Compliance Portal

Hughes has brought together industry leading PCI tools that can be accessed via an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly PCI Compliance Portal. Through the portal, you can access a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) Wizard and comprehensive training courses. The portal also provides the ability to check the status of your vulnerability scans. Everything is just one-click away for your review and peace of mind.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire Wizard

The required first and most crucial step in the PCI compliance process is to complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire. Typically, the SAQ submission process is the most arduous task to gain and maintain PCI compliance. Hughes makes this step simple by giving you access to an easy-to-use online SAQ Wizard. You are guided through the necessary questions for your business in a simple step-by-step process. If you have any questions during the SAQ, Hughes offers extensive support via phone, email and online chat.

PCI Security Awareness Training

One of the challenges with PCI compliance is the myth that it is strictly an IT problem. The reality though is breaches often occur through nontechnical methods and people. Employees working with card payment systems must be trained on how their job role ensures PCI compliance. Hughes has made training your employees easy by providing comprehensive training courses right on the PCI Compliance Portal.

External Vulnerability Scanning

Hughes offers a PCI External Vulnerability Scanning service to help your business quickly and easily address the critical vulnerability scanning PCI requirement. Hughes will help you scan your network perimeter to check for cross-site scripting, SQL injection, remote file inclusion and many other application and network-based vulnerabilities. The Hughes scanning service provides information needed to help with remediation and compliance efforts.

Breach Protection

For even greater peace of mind, Hughes offers you a PCI breach-related reimbursement program. Specific terms and conditions apply and are available upon request.