Managed Voice over IP (VoIP)

HughesON VoIP Solutions created savings that were applied to other mission critical IT projects.
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HughesON Managed VoIP.


One supplier, one bill, one network.

Even with the fast-growing number of communications channels today, businesses still depend heavily on voice communications. Whether it is a customer calling in to place an order or an employee calling to assess customer satisfaction, voice communications provide a direct and personal connection.   

HughesONTM managed business Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provides high-quality voice communications that are more affordable, more flexible and offer more features than a traditional phone line. By leveraging your existing data network to converge voice and data flows, VoIP allows for a single network, a single supplier, a single bill, and reduced management and overhead costs.

For businesses that have call centers, or require high call volumes, Hughes offers a VoIP solution paired with ActiveTechnologies™. This provides an enterprise-grade high volume VoIP solution that ensures voice packet prioritization across the WAN with minimal loss in call quality, even during times of heavy network congestion.

Key Advantages

  • A turnkey solution that delivers reduced overhead costs without replacing existing technology

  • Enhances the customer and workforce experience with advanced voice features

  • Improves store efficiency with flexible call routing

  • Nationwide infrastructure that reaches all your locations

  • One provider, one bill

  • No need for multiple local and long distance carriers, reducing complexity

  • Fully-managed solution frees up your resources and allows you to concentrate on your business — not your technology

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