Managed Wi-Fi

Fast, Secure and Reliable Wi-Fi are requirements for modern business. You must get it right.
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Staying connected is critical to the customer and employee experience at your location.

Comprehensive Solution

Enjoy a single, highly secure managed solution for both Guest Wi-Fi access and Enterprise Wi-Fi (employee) networking, including remote monitoring and central management. You may safely use a single network for both purposes or deploy individual networks if you wish to separate your Guest Wi-Fi traffic from enterprise applications.

Captive Portal
HughesON Captive Portal provides a customizable landing page that can offer promotional content and capture guests’ contact information. With the Enhanced Captive Portal, you can limit registered user access to a specified time period.

Secure and Protected
Anti-spam, anti-virus, and content filtering ensure a safe network for both your business and your guests. Highest security standards also prevent unauthorized access to the enterprise Wi-Fi network.

Hughes Innovation
Our innovative ActiveTechnologies™, optimize your network and ensure the fastest, most reliable connection possible.

Turnkey Solution
Complete end-to-end service, including everything from initial installation through ongoing operations, support and maintenance.

HughesON Wi-Fi solutions can empower your business with faster Guest Wi-Fi access and enterprise networking in a single, highly secure, managed solution. With HughesON, your network also benefits from our innovative ActiveTechnologies™, including ActiveQoS™ and ActiveCompression™, so your critical applications get end-to-end priority over less critical ones. And we recognize that a critical element to adding Wi-Fi to your existing network is to ensure continued PCI compliance, as well as to boost network performance and reduce costs.

  • Fast, reliable Wi-Fi access for guests

  • Secure, consistent connectivity

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Remote, central monitoring and management

  • Complete end-to-end service, including everything from initial installation through ongoing operations, support, and maintenance

Guest Wi-Fi

HughesON Guest Wi-Fi solutions can help you to improve customer service, increase customer engagement, and gain more traction with point-of-purchase promotions. And you can leverage your existing private network connectivity to safely support public Wi-Fi access or deploy individual networks to separate Guest Wi-Fi traffic from your corporate applications.

HughesON Guest Wi-Fi includes such key features as a captive portal (a branded landing page), anti-spam, anti-virus, email registration capture, and content filtering – all designed to increase customer engagement capabilities in secure and strategic ways.

Key Advantages

  • HughesON™ Standard Captive Portal: Registered Guest Wi-Fi users are directed to a Landing Page that is customized for your brand and your user terms and conditions. Once accepted, users can be redirected to a website of your choosing.

  • Landing pages can deliver point of sale coupons and promotional information

  • Email addresses can be captured as part of Guest Wi-Fi on-boarding and used for marketing offers

  • The Enhanced Captive Portal limits registered user access to specified time periods (by default, for a 24-hour period)

Enterprise Wi-Fi

Enterprise customers are deploying private Wi-Fi solutions to empower employees with the mobility necessary for more efficient performance. Whether the need is for a faster assessment of inventory or better-informed customer assistance, Hughes provides a secure, private enterprise Wi-Fi solution that safeguards confidential corporate communications. It delivers enterprise-grade wireless connectivity for employees to use mobile devices to access productivity software, cloud-based applications, and training or job-related materials.

Key Advantages

  • Highest security standards prevent unauthorized access to the enterprise Wi-Fi network

  • Employees and authorized users can securely access the network from anywhere inside the store or office

  • Facilitates assisted selling, mobile point-of-sale transactions, and other applications to enhance the customer experience and empower employees

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