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MPLS vs SD-WAN: Is it Really an Either/Or Choice?

Jeff Bradbury, senior marketing director at Hughes, examines whether (and when) it makes strategic sense to transition away from an MPLS network.
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Use the Customer Journey to Assess Your Brand’s “Digital Transformation Maturity”

The customer journey can be a benchmarking framework for assessing digital transformation maturity and your ability to continue to capture market…
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Tame the Chaos and Transform Retail Operations

How retailers can use technology to overcome current logistics and staffing challenges and deliver a positive customer experience.
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7 Hacks for the Drive-Thru Experience

Tim Tang, director of Enterprise Solutions at Hughes, offers 7 tips for faster order-fulfillment in the drive-thru, when adding lanes isn’t an option.
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Are Customers Redefining How They View “Convenience”?

After FSTEC and NACS, Tim Tang, director of Enterprise Solutions at Hughes, considers how market trends, expectations and technologies are redefining…
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Hughes Recognized as a Leader in Managed SD-WAN Services by Frost & Sullivan for Third Consecutive Year

2021 Frost Radar Report Lauds Hughes for Ability to Optimize Different Broadband Transports across Managed Network Services
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Is “Doing Things the Way We’ve Always Done Them” Enough for C-Stores Today?

Tim Tang, director of Enterprise Solutions at Hughes, explores a core theme discussed by presenters and attendees alike at the 2021 NACS Show.
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