Hughes Signage

Outdoor Digital Menu Boards Power Customer Experience

Video Transcript

Did you know Hughes provides media solutions to many of the nation's largest retailers?

We maintain and monitor more than 300,000 endpoints around the globe.

We have partnered with LG to deliver a digital signage solution, which utilizes smart TV technology. Hughes MediaSignage for Smart TVs is a dynamic digital signage solution that does not require an external media player and can be locally or remotely managed and updated.

For restaurant drive-throughs, LG has developed a ready-to-install enclosure that houses three 49-inch LG commercial-grade Smart TVs. This durable and weatherproof unit is ready to install out of the box. Once installed, Hughes MediaSignage software allows you to simply upload and schedule your menu imagery and the pricing.

Your new digital menus can include compelling photographs, text, and even video. Of course, there are many more innovative features and cost-saving functions to talk about, so let's set up some time for either an onsite or remote demonstration.