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Breakroom TV Makes Good Business Sense

Video Transcript

Turnover is real, and it can be a killer to a business. In fact, it can surpass 50% to 60% in some industries.

However, when a business invests some energy into improving employee engagement, it can reduce this churn by 1% to 2% each year, making your organization better.

In his book, Employee Engagement 2.0, Kevin Kruse points out that communication, recognition, and growth are keys to improving employee engagement. Here's something else that we also know: A frontline customer service employee making 12 to $15 dollars an hour will cost about $3200 to replace.

If you are interested to see how your cost to replace an employee compares to that average, visit, where you'll find an employee turnover cost calculator.

The business case is simple and direct: To mitigate the cost of turnover, you need to invest in engagement and retention. The Hughes Breakroom TV solution can help. It is already deployed in thousands of locations, and employee feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Hughes Breakroom TV is a digital signage solution designed for the employee and/or common areas of your locations, disseminating real-time, relevant announcements; company updates; social media feeds; and so much more.

Places where employees take a break or congregate when they are not helping customers, or where they leave their things before they start their shift, are ideal locations for breakroom TV.

A typical breakroom TV installed and operated for three years will have a total cost of ownership of about $3500. This means that reducing turnover by just one employee per location will nearly cover the total cost of ownership for three years. This is a business case that makes sense.

Take some time and visit and find out what employee churn is costing your company. Then, give us a call and we can talk in detail about how Breakroom TV can help you reduce that employee churn and improve customer service across your organization.

Join us and together we can do something amazing. Thank you.