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Breakroom TV with VOD Employee Training

Breakroom TV with VOD allows you to deliver all three pillars of engagement; Communication, Recognition and Growth.



"Breakroom TV helps to create employee engagement with a single screen."


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“Employees want Communication, Recognition and Growth; which in turn

build engagement.”


Kevin Kruse, CEO LEADx




Communication, Recognition and Growth are Critical to Employees

When asked why they stay at a job, or why they left a former position, the employee responses generally come down to three things; Communication, Recognition and Growth. These are critical success objectives in a modern distributed company.

Employee Communication is not employee training – communication is sharing information with the workforce, so they understand the “Why?” of their role and for the company. Everyone wants to feel part of something, and Employee Communication is the tool for helping people feel connected.

Employee Recognition strengthens the bond with the company and motivates everyone to do more. As people we crave acknowledgement of our contributions. Across the whole organization, C-Suite to Front Line Staff, people want to know that they are appreciated. Displaying that recognition for all to see motivates the recipient as they feel appreciated. It also motivates colleagues who want to achieve similar recognition.

Employee Training is another double benefit action. First, it will make your employees more confident and better prepared to offer a great customer experience. Second, if you show them a path to personal development, improvement and career advancement, they are more likely to be loyal and stay with you. The use of video to deliver training is an absolutely the right way to go. Retention of information is higher, and the training experience is far better when video is used. Some organizations will have the employees view content on their own, others will have the local onsite leader gather groups and together watch the content and discuss as group. Either way you are assured that everyone receives the same messages.

“Video is a very powerful and effective force for workforce knowledge and learning.  As the internet shifts from a reading to a viewing platform, with increasing levels of video content available, the workforce expects to be able to ‘watch their way to knowledge’ and context.  We are witnessing a sharp increase in corporate interest and deployment of video for learning and performance.”


-Elliott Masie, CEO The MASIE Center




“Deskless workers make up 80% of the workforce. Engagement tools are needed to reach these people.”



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