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Interactive Distance Learning

The classroom is the best place for learning to occur. When that's not possible, virtual classrooms and the use of video segments is the next best thing.




“Live, virtual classroom delivery ensures consistency and completeness of training.”



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HughesONTM MediaTraining solutions provides a hosted web solution that can deliver employee communication and employee training in one easy-to-use, easy-to-setup service. The Distance Learning solution is deployed via the cloud, and can deliver SCORM-compliant training, videos and compliance examinations from one interface.

Live Video Broadcasts

The Virtual Classroom platform enables your business to conduct live, video-based training sessions. These sessions ensure that content is current, and that your attendees are actively engaged.

Hughes MediaTraining

Provide Video Access Without Clobbering Your Network

Network capacity is often a concern when video is being distributed. To offset this, the HughesON MediaTraining solution can utilize local caching, enabling content to be streamed from a device at the store level versus over the wide area network, putting the training into the hands of those who need it when they need it.

Interactive, Two-Way Communication

Instructors can communicate directly with students and students with instructors. Students can also interact with other students, thus further engaging associates to foster learning and relationship building.

Attendance Tracking and Session Analytics

Instructors and managers can run reports on which employees attended and participated. Course grades can also be collected and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the training.

Content Available on Any Device

In the age where virtually everyone has a laptop, smartphone and/or tablet, the Distance Learning platform can deliver content to any Internet-enabled device at anytime. Users can take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) to gain access to the solution without having to memorize another username and password.  


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