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Digital signage doesn't simply replace posters. Today, with UHD displays, and cloud-based management software, digital signage offers a world of expanded capabilities.

MediaSignage is a customizable digital signage solution that engages your guests wherever they may be across your properties.  

Creating a more inviting guest experience

MediaSignage allows you to create customizable digital messaging to be deployed virtually anywhere.  With beautiful, ultraHD digital screens, you can engage and inform your guests, creating memorable experiences the moment they arrive at your hotel.

Hotel Front Desk Digital Signage
Hotel Restaurant Digital Signage

Enticing guests to stay on property


With its complete customization capabilities, you can have different messages on every screen.  From digital restaurant menu boards to amenity availability to meeting room schedules and event information, MediaSignage enables you to engage with your guests like never before in the lobby or anywhere else on your property.  

Hotel Signage Social Media

Putting information at their fingertips


From flight schedules to concierge services to news updates to weather forecasts, MediaSignage allows you to provide guests with information quickly & easily - without having to visit the front desk.  

Hotel Elevator Digital Signage

Completely customizable displays


MediaSignage offers customizable templates fit your hospitality brand and help you share the most useful and relevant information on SmartTVs as well as virtually any TV with an HDMI input.  

Experience the power of world-class managed services

Campus Vision Digital Signage Features

Utilize signage to educate your hospitality staff



During times like these, accuracy and relevancy are critical ingredients to good communication.  Your staff needs to clearly understand how cleaning procedures and protocols have changed, as well as get access to updated information about your organization - and digital signage solutions can help.



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