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Digital Menu Boards


Digital signage technology is moving into the service industry at a rapid pace.

Whether you are a quick-service or fast-casual restaurant, convenience store, auto repair shop, bank, or virtually any service-oriented business, you must always be enhancing your offering to maintain your competitive edge because your customers cannot order what they cannot see. And on the user side, if your solution is not easy to use, no one will use it. Therefore, Hughes makes the user experience the top priority. Creating, managing, and scheduling menu board content is as simple as “drag & drop.” All configuration is done in any browser, and no additional software or plugins are needed.

With Digital Menu Boards, you can:
• Enhance the customer experience with vivid product imagery
• Easily change specials and messages by time of day, shift, demographics, or seasonal patterns
• Provide customers with real-time “order up” status
• Control content and via Cloud-based content management system and integrated smartphone app
• Integrate social media feeds to create a customer-centric, “share-worthy” atmosphere

Solution includes:
• TV(s) and Hughes media player
• Content hosting and distribution
• Professional installation and field maintenance options
• Cloud-based, device-agnostic content management system
• Optional Slingbox video integrator
• Optional smartphone/tablet app
• Support options

Features & Benefits:

• Single player can support up to six menu screens
• Fully customizable templates
• Fast and scalable implementation
• Easy-to-use Web management interface
• Centralized management and distribution system
• Support for interactive kiosk technology
• Support for custom integration with external data sources
• Support for multiple graphics and video file types, including 4K
• Screens can be used to deliver HD video training

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of content are supported?
Digital Menu Boards accepts jpg, .png, and .gif image formats, HDTV video streams, .mp4, .mov, .flv., and .avi video files. The system will also display HTML5 widgets, RSS and social media feeds, as well as display Web pages as part of the multiple screen display. For the social media component, you simply select the hashtags or feeds you want to display.

How do I manage players and content?

Digital Menu Boards are managed using nothing more than a standard Web browser. The content administrator logs into the admin page and has visibility to edit the entire template globally or locally. The admin simply adds and schedules applicable content, descriptions, prices, and photos. Videos, local announcements, and social media feeds can be added if desired. Social media feeds can go through an automated or manual approval process prior to posting. For the training aspect, video and other content can be injected, scheduled and managed from one Web interface. The admin can also see all player statuses in real-time.

How do I utilize Digital Menu Boards as a training tool?
Through an integrated smart app, Digital Menu Boards can be used to display compelling videos on demand. Therefore, both before and after hours, you can capitalize on the technology you already have to deliver the right information at the right time to your team.

What kind of customer support is provided?
Depending on preference, Hughes can provide 24/7/365 telephone support. Hughes also provides optional onsite field maintenance services which can be purchased.

Restaurants and franchises alike are quickly learning that Hughes’ digital menu boards are a dynamic and cost-effective way to enhance the customer experience. With the easy-to-use and setup model, service oriented businesses can modernize their experience while preserving capital tied up in static printed displays, giving customers a unique experience with just a few clicks.

For additional information, please call 1-888-440-7126