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Digital Messaging Solutions for Healthcare

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An integral part of the HughesON portfolio of managed network solutions for the unique needs of the distributed agency, HughesON MediaSignage blends dynamic video, text, and graphics on a network of digital signs to deliver communications to patients, employees, and guests. Medical facilities can leverage HughesON MediaSignage to publish news, medical information, and facility announcements—all at the same time to any number of locations. No matter how they use it, medical facilities can be confident they are sending the right message to the right audience, at the right time.

Patient/Guest Communications

HughesON MediaSignage provides an effective medium to make announcements, provide instructions, and communicate important information to patients and guests in patient rooms, lobbies, reception areas, and waiting rooms.

Employee Communications and Training

Getting critical information out quickly to a large, distributed workforce has always been a challenge. But hospitals that use HughesON MediaSignage as a “digital message board” can easily keep employees informed and up-to-date with the latest information. In addition, medical facilities can provide both live and on-demand employee training.

Emergency Communications

An iPhone application enables hospital network administrators to use iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad® devices to instantly disseminate critical information and emergency notifications. Administrators can predefine messages and update their entire HughesON MediaSignage network to display messages. Interaction is supported via high-performance viewer response systems, including audioconferencing and integrated voice/data response.

Making It Easy

Hughes takes a comprehensive approach to digital signage—from project design and consulting, to content creation and management, to best-of-breed software, hardware, and the managed network services to connect it all together. Plus, every HughesON MediaSignage solution includes installation, maintenance, and customer support.

Feature-Rich Digital Solution

  • Fully hosted media repository
  • Easy-to-use Web management interface
  • Centralized management and distribution system
  • Can be customized by site or department
  • Available RS232 monitor controls
  • Custom database integration services available
  • Robust report generation and export
  • Emergency alert functionality

Content Support

For video, HughesON MediaSignage accepts any H.264 MP4 HD video file. For still images it accepts .JPG, .PNG, .BMP, and .GIF formats. The system will also display .SWF or HTML5 widgets, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, and Web pages as part of the multipanel display onscreen.

Player and Content Management

HughesON MediaSignage is managed through a Web-based administration tool. Content can be added, scheduled, and managed from this interface. The administrator can also see which players are connected, along with their health and status.

Training and Documentation

HughesON MediaSignage has in-context help that is available from the administrator interface. Training Webinars are also available for system administrators.

Customer Support

Hughes provides several levels of customer support. Depending on the customer need, Hughes can provide 24/7 telephone support for remote sites or Tier 3 support to the customer’s own help desk staff. Optional onsite field maintenance services are also available.

Helping Government Serve its Citizens

The Hughes Government Solutions Group is dedicated to supplying the right solutions to address unique government applications. Hughes has a proven track record of delivering high-performance network solutions to help government agencies perform more efficiently and cost-effectively. From distance learning solutions for training when and where it’s needed, to telework connectivity for field offices and remote sites, to emergency communications solutions for emergency preparedness and response, government agencies can count on Hughes to deliver the most advanced technologies and highest standard of communications solutions to support the many missions of government.

Easy and Convenient Purchasing

Hughes makes it easy to order through a variety of contract vehicles for all levels of government, including the GSA Schedule, GSA SATCOM II, GSA Networx, and contracts with a number of states across the country.