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Dining Room TV

Did you know that 55% of diners1 believe that technology plays a pivotal role in the restaurant experience? In the wake of the fast-casual movement, it is as much about the guest experience as it is the quality of the meal.

Hughes Dining Room TV is designed to make the time people wait and or eat in your restaurant more enjoyable by providing live entertainment, social media feeds, and vivid imagery. Additionally, the solution can serve as a compelling training solution for your employees.

With Dining Room TV, you can:
• Enhance the guest experience with live TV wrapped with vivid product imagery, and social media feeds
• Easily change specials and messages by time-of-day, shift, demographics, or seasonal patterns
• Provide customers with real-time “order up” status
• Utilize live or on-demand video to better train your associates
• Control content and training via an integrated smartphone app

Restaurants are quickly learning that Hughes Dining Room TV is a cost-effective, easy-to-set-up way to elevate the guest experience and better train employees. The result is brand loyalty stemming from both your customers and employees, leading to increased revenue and reduced turnover.

For additional information, please call 1-888-440-7126 

1 Big Hospitality: “Technology Having Increasing Impact on Diner Choice,” — Sept. 2015