Hughes Signage

HS1100 Digital Signage Player (MS Windows)

The Hughes HS1100 arrives as a ready-to-install, MS Windows-based digital signage appliance. Using a simple setup wizard, the customer connects the player to the network and to the Hughes MediaSignage Server. Once connected, the player receives the necessary content and information to assume the playback role it is assigned. Players can be moved from location to location, updating to the proper information each time. 

The Hughes HS1100 player supports a range of template designs and layouts–providing the ability to play video, still images, and scrolling data feeds simultaneously. The player also supports touchscreens and can be turned into a kiosk simply by changing the content and layout assignments. 

The player is designed for reliability and will continue to play assigned content, even if the network connection is disabled. 

The Hughes HS1100 is a core component of these Hughes solutions: 

  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Digital Concierge / Associate
  • Digital promo boards
  • Lobby / waiting area TV
  • Video Walls
  • and much, much, more