Hughes Signage

HS860 Digital Signage Player

With the Hughes HS860 media player, getting up and running on world-class digital signage is now more affordable than ever before.

The Hughes HS860 is an advanced, Windows-based, wireless-enabled digital media player designed to provide HD video and image playback to a single screen. Offering full 1080p HD playback, the HS860 is capable of storing 6–8 hours of HD video, enabling your organization to leverage the power of video to better engage your customers and employees. Further, the player can be configured to play in remote locations with a wide range of content and layouts.

The HS860 arrives as an out-of-the-box, ready-to-install appliance. Utilizing a simple setup wizard, the customer connects the player to their preferred network and the Hughes MediaGate Server. Once connected, the player receives the necessary content and information to assume the desired playback role. Multiple players can run on a single network, and players can be moved from location to location.

The Hughes HS860 digital media player supports a large array of template designs – providing the ability to play video, still images, and scrolling data feeds like social media and location-specific information. The HS860 is designed for reliability and will continue to play assigned content, even if the network connection becomes disabled.

The Hughes HS860 is a core component of these Hughes digital signage solutions:

Digital Bulletin Board
Digital Menu Board
Digital Concierge
Breakroom Signage
Digital Promo Board
Lobby Signage
School Signage
Waiting Room Signage

And much more!

Companies of all types and sizes are realizing the power of digital signage to better connect with customers and employees. With the Hughes HS860 Digital Media Signage player, companies can easily get up and running on digital signage more affordably than ever before.