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Hughes MediaSignage for Compact SmartTVs

Hughes MediaSignage Compact SmartTV

Enhanced communication and engagement

Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries no longer just need large-sized digital screens. They often need smaller displays for a variety of environments and uses. Samsung’s QB13R-T display is a compact, versatile, personalized, full-featured, impactful communication solution. The QB13R-T is a touch-enabled small display that provides a unique store experience and can elevate customer and employee engagement.

With its integrated touch functionality, the QB13R-T provides a user-friendly experience. Its 10-point multitouch and fast response times power an intuitive digital signage display that allows for customer and employee-driven action. The QB13R-T is optimized for any interaction opportunities, such as endcap/endless aisles, in-aisle promotions, countertop and POS areas, restaurants, hotels, health clubs, and medical offices. Virtually any business that wants to offer personalized service while also acquiring customer data.

The screen arrives as a ready-to-install complete digital signage appliance. Using a simple setup guide, the customer connects the screen to the network (via wifi or CAT5/6) and to the Hughes MediaSignage server. Once connected, the screen pulls the necessary content and information to assume the designated playback role. Players can be moved from location to location, updating to the proper information every time.

The QB13R-T supports a nearly infinite range of template designs and layouts providing the ability to play videos, still images, external data feeds, weather forecasts, and even live TV. With integrated touchscreen capability, no remote is needed and content can be made as personalized and immersive as desired.

Elevate employee engagement and communication

Digital signage has also shown itself a powerful medium for employee communication and engagement. With full-feature functionality in a small form factor, businesses of all shapes and sizes can deploy and disseminate real-time corporate information, KPIs, HR and operations updates, announcements, local site information, and emergency notifications/instructions in virtually any place.

With Breakroom TV, associates can get real-time information enabling them to create better customer experiences and create a sense of business ownership and loyalty to your brand. And when training or live broadcasts are needed, Breakroom TV offers integrated Video OnDemand, enabling your frontline associates to quickly and easily consume video-based training—enabling them to be more prepared to deliver fabulous customer experiences.

Additionally, the screen can be configured to connect with your existing data systems so that KPIs and business metrics can be displayed in a stunning, visual format—elevating comradery and engagement.