Hughes Signage

Hughes MediaSignage Server

Hughes MediaSignage is an advanced, cloud-based, wireless and/or LAN/WAN-enabled digital signage solutions designed to provide live and on-demand HD video, image playback and data feeds to any number of screens.  MediaSignage is capable of storing hundreds of hours of HD video without a major burden on your network, enabling your organizations to leverage the power of video to better engaged your customers and employees.  Future, the player can be configured to play in remote locations with a wide range of content, layout, and connection options.  

With Hughes MediaSignage, you can:

  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction by offering live TV integration wrapped with corporate communications, marketing content, and data feeds
  • Easily change messages by time-of-day, shift, demographics, geographies, and seasonal patterns.
  • Create, build, and maintain customer and employee loyalty by providing real-time consumer and/or corporate information
  • Easily view live screenshots from any screen regardless of location to ensure proper playback

Media Signage arrives as an out-of-box, ready-to-install solution.