Hughes Signage

Pharmacy TV

Healthcare is about service and the pharmacy is a cornerstone of the healthcare service delivery system. The Hughes Pharmacy TV™ solution helps the pharmacist provide great service.

First, by providing a simple way waiting patients know when their prescriptions are ready. The Hughes solution can securely communicate with onsite data systems to provide real-time “ready for pickup” information.

Second, the Hughes solution provides a platform to showcase additional products and services and to display healthy living tips.

Both of these capabilities will enhance the patient experience at the pharmacy and build loyalty. The Hughes solution is flexible and allows local data integration for prescription-ready data, plus it can have centralized and local site control over the other content. You decide how to share the content management work. The Hughes Pharmacy TV solution is built on the Hughes MediaSignage platform. This powerful, flexible, and reliable platform lets you build powerful communication solutions for a range of needs. With centralized, browser-based administration, you can manage content globally or down to the individual screen. Hughes also offers subscription-based content services to help you provide the most informative, current, and valuable information possible.

With installation and field maintenance services included, the Hughes turnkey solution lets you focus on patient care while we make sure your network is running effectively.

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