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Using the Waiting Area to Grow Business

The time customers wait for their oil change, new tires, or to check that pesky check engine light is time in which they would rather be doing something else. Innovative service providers actually turn this wait time into a fantastic opportunity to expand business, increase profitability, and actually make the wait time enjoyable for their customers.

Retailers spend billions of dollars building trust and inviting people into their stores. As an automotive service provider, you are being entrusted with the care of one of their most important and expensive possessions. By virtue of the service you provide, the customer is already in your store and has a level of trust. Now is your chance to turn their waiting time into opportunity time and develop a loyal customer for life. Too often a simple TV and VCR are installed and considered good enough. Don’t waste the opportunity to communicate with customers and influence buying choices. Implement a solution with content that will strengthen your brand, build loyalty, and create customers for life...

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