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What is Your Employee Turnover Costing You?

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Did you know that employee turnover across retail surpasses 60% annually?  Do you know what turnover is costing your business?  

Countless analyses have been conducted to measure the impact of turnover and the cost. Replacing a $10/hour front-line associate can cost upwards of $3,000. Variables like screening, interviewing, background checking, and training all add up quickly.  When 60% of your workforce turns over every year, that could end up costing your business millions, if not tens of millions each year.  

Want to check your numbers? Access the Employee Turnover Cost Calculator to start tying real numbers to your turnover - so that you can start financially justifying ways to stem it.  

Want to learn more?  Check out "Enough Why, Let's Talk How on Engagement" for some great ways to start the conversation internally.  As always, Hughes stands by to help with more than 40 years of retail expertise on our side.