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Self-Service Kiosks


In today’s age, and in order to remain competitive, businesses are finding that information is king.

This means that customers must be able to access desired information on demand, especially prior to making a purchase. In fact, according to EKN Research, 48% of in-store sales are driven by digital channels. Hughes customizable self-service kiosks are designed to put information where your customers are, as well as drive top-line sales growth through unparalleled cross and upsell capabilities.

With self-service kiosks, you can:
• Deploy next-generation interactive HD displays in high-traffic areas
• Deliver relevant, engaging content where your customers are, on-demand
• Offer stunning visual imagery on products, specials, and custom items
• Provide one-of-a-kind education to customers through compelling self-service
• Enable customers to print product information, find products in store, and place online orders

Solution includes:
• Hughes MediaManage server
• Hughes SST-1000 media player
• Touch screen display
• Fully Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS)

Features & Benefits:

• Fully Cloud-hosted media repository
• Easy-to-use Web management interface
• Centralized management and distribution system
• Integrated printing
• In-store product guidance and availability
• Supports multiple graphic and video file types
• Can be customized by individual sites or departments
• Assign interactivity based on file type
• Robust report generation and export
• Emergency alert functionality

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of content and printers are supported?
Self-Service Kiosk accepts both videos and still images. For video, it accepts any H.264 HD video file. For stills, .JPG., .PNG, and .GIF formats. The system will also display .SWF widget, RSS feeds, social media feeds, as well as display Web pages as part of the multipanel display. For a full list of supported printers, speak to your sales engineer.

How do I manage the players and content?
Kiosks are managed through a standard Web interface. Content can be ingested, scheduled, and managed from the Cloud-based CMS. System administrators can see what players/displays are connected and get real-time player health status.

What kind of customer support is provided?
As a managed service provider, Hughes can provide 24/7/365 telephone support for remote sites or Tier-3 support to customers’ own help desk staff. Hughes also provides optional onsite field maintenance services.

What kinds of training and documentation are provided?
In-context help and training are available while logged into the cloud-based CMS. Hughes also offers interactive webinars for system administrators and store-level users.

Hughes Self-Service Kiosk Product

Next-generation interactive kiosk(s) designed
to enhance customer experience:

• Provides virtual “always-there associate” for product information, guidance, and ordering
• Relieves sales associate pressure and checkout lines
• Showcases multiple products from a single kiosk using stunning and compelling imagery and information
• Plays rich, video-based product demonstrations

Retail and customer-facing businesses are quickly learning that, to remain competitive, they must actively engage customers with compelling information and imagery at the point of purchase. With Hughes Self-Service Kiosks, you can provide an unparalleled immersive brand experiences to drive top-line growth and transaction volume.

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