Hughes Signage

Hughes MediaSignage Server

The Hughes MediaSignage Server is the backbone of Hughes' digital signage solutions with the benefits of:

  • Cloud-based management and deployment
  • Simple and beautiful new interface
  • Robust content scheduling
  • Simple content management
  • Integrated digital signage player/device management

Hughes MediaSignage is an advanced, Cloud-based, wireless and/or LAN/WAN-enabled digital signage solution designed to provide live and on-demand HD video and image playback to a single screen. Offering full HD playback, MediaSignage is capable of storing hundreds of hours of HD video, enabling your organization to leverage the power of video to better engage your customers and employees. Further, the player can be configured to play in remote locations with a wide range of content and layouts.

With Hughes MediaSignage, you can: 

  • Increase flexibility and scalability with cloud-based content management
  • Easily update digital signs, menus, video walls, from any internet-enabled device
  • Drive engagement with time-of-day messaging, shift messaging, demographical, regional or seasonal pattern messaging
  • Provide real-time information to both customers and employees with both front-of-house and back-of-house displays, manageable from the same system
  • Communicate with and manage both external devices and SmartTV devices from one HTML5 based system
  • Easily capture and archive live screenshots of any screen on your signage network to ensure the right content is showing at the right time.

MediaSignage arrives as an out-of-the box, ready-to-install solution. Utilizing a simple setup wizard, the customer connects the screen and digital media player to their preferred network which connects to the Hughes MediaGate server. Once connected, the digital media player receives the necessary content and information to assume the desired playback role.

Multiple screens can run on a single network, and players can be moved from location to location as needed—all you need is electricity and Internet. Hughes MediaSignage supports a large array of template designs — providing live TV and video, on-demand video, still images, and scrolling data feeds including social media, weather, and facility/location-specific information.