Hughes ActiveTechnologies™

Transform ordinary broadband connections into extraordinary networks that keep you ahead of the demands.

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    Hughes ActiveClassifier™

    Automatically identifies different types of data and apps, and tags them with a specific priority setting, doing away with the time-consuming process of configuring rules to classify and prioritize traffic, using advanced heuristics algorithms to do these functions.

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    Hughes ActiveCompression™

    A long-range compression algorithm looks across multiple packets and data flows from multiple users to eliminate coarse-grained, large, redundant data streams, replacing them with tokens in a process known as de-duplication.

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    Hughes ActiveQoS™

    Delivers better application performance and reduced transaction response times by transparently adding strong end-to-end quality of service (QoS) to commonly available broadband networks, such as DSL and Cable.

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    Hughes ActivePath™

    Ensures that the performance of each branch’s WAN as a whole is always maximized by continuously comparing each link’s real-time characteristics with application performance thresholds and directing traffic in the optimal direction.

Networking Platforms

Our HughesON™ Managed solutions leverage the best of wireline, wireless, and satellite technologies to deliver secure, reliable broadband connectivity to all your branch locations, wherever you do business.


With the Hughes MediaSignage platform, your distributed organization can manage 1000s of digital signs from a single, cloud-based content management system from anywhere at anytime.  In real time, you can see signage status, push updates to various players, and schedule content months in advance - so you can ensure that you signage is saying what you want when you want. 


Hughes MediaTraining leverages the power of video and the cloud to make training more effective, more convenient, and more cost effective than ever before.  Training is deployed via the cloud and can deliver SCORM-compliant training, videos and compliance assessments from one easy-to-use interface to empower your front-line associates.