Hughes recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an independent study on distributed store networks, delving into challenges today and approaches to solve those challenges. We invited Forrester Consulting to share some highlights from this October 2018 study, “ Digital Transformation Drives Distributed Store Networks To The Breaking Point. " To read the full report click here . Think about all the applications that stores rely on today to deliver powerful, differentiated experiences for their customers and employees. From digital and mobile payment solutions that make it easier for...READ MORE
Gain insight through the customer journey with WiFi anlaytics
One trend we are seeing among our retail customers is to take best practices from the online world and translate them into the store environment. For example, as a matter of course, cyber retailers identify their online visitors, track their specific behaviors while shopping, and use those behaviors to recommend products and services. This focus on individual behavior then forms the basis for data aggregation to discern patterns and trends that can be extrapolated to other, similar shoppers, perpetually refining the customer experience. The same methodology can be applied in a brick-and-mortar...READ MORE
For those who watched the Terminator movies, you know what Skynet was and that it eventually became self-aware and wanted to destroy humanity. You also know that this was just a movie. WANsform Your Enterprise Before you can transform customer experience, you must WANsform your enterprise. Learn more about how Hughes Managed SD-WAN is enabling digital transformation and achieving real results for distributed organizations. MPLS vs. SD-WAN Why SD-WAN? WiFi Analytics: Insight Every Step of the Way Digital Signage Solutions : Engagement Starts Here But as we look around today, we see more and mor...READ MORE
CIO of the Year Award Winners Announced
Three Hughes Clients Named Winners HughesON team members at the Retail Experience Summit this week in San Diego, CA, were delighted to see three Hughes customers recognized as CIO of the Year Award Winners by RIS. Ben Pivar, CIO of Carter’s was named CIO of the Year, lauded for his impact in modernizing the enterprise. RIS noted, “To power all of this next-gen tech Carter’s partnered with Hughes to implement an aggressive store infrastructure modernization improvement program, which has resulted in fewer network outages and significant cost savings.” John Jordan, SVP of Customer Experience at...READ MORE