SD-WAN vs. Next-Gen Firewalls: Chicken or the Egg?

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Is Next Generation Firewall vs SD-WAN the new MPLS vs SD-WAN debate? Read Roy Chua's take on NGFWs, the evolution of SD-WAN and see why Hughes is uniquely positioned to deliver secure managed SD-WAN.

As Chua writes, "Through 2017 and 2018, I’ve seen an increasing number of security vendors claim their stake in the SD-WAN space, with Palo Alto, Fortinet, and now Barracuda all becoming SD-WAN vendors. And in a nod to the security-first strategy, Hughes, one of the lesser known entrants into the SD-WAN market, quietly entered the SD-WAN market last year by partnering with Fortinet. Hughes uses Fortinet’s NGFW platform and adds its unique WAN optimization secret sauce (developed from its expertise in optimizing satellite links) to provide a managed SD-WAN service."

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