Innovation Day 2020

Hosted by Hughes and Plug N Play


Innovation Day 2020 was held on July 15th on the current state-of-the-edge computing market—what problems are we trying to solve, who are the buyers and sellers, and progress of the edge computing market. Click the bulleted list icon in the bottom right corner of the video to use the chapters (Keynote, Panel Discussion, and Startup pitches) to navigate the video.



Watch the Individual Startup Pitches


Click any of the startups below to watch the individual pitches.

LatentAI brings AI to the edge by optimizing for computing, energy, and memory without requiring changes to existing AI/ML infrastructure and frameworks.
We allow any company, from any industry, to train complete DL and ML models, directly on their own edge devices. Reaching close to perfect accuracy, without the need to transfer any of the data to the cloud.
ObjectBox empowers Edge Computing with an on-device database, 10X faster than any alternative, a small footprint of less than 1MB, and an out-of-the-box data synchronization.
Real-time stream processing for distributed applications.
Optimized and Explainable Deep Learning for the Edge.
Xailient lowers costs and improves performance of computer vision with software that optimizes the processing of AI across devices, from camera to cloud.
NALEJ edge native software and cloud services enable the secure lifecycle of distributed infrastructure, applications, services and data, from edge to cloud, cloud to edge, enabling the cognitive and sustainable enterprise.
Ekkono is a software company that does machine learning for IoT, a.k.a. Edge Machine Learning – we make connected things smart
Developer of a converged wireless edge platform designed for enterprises.