Who We Are

We are one of the largest US and global providers of managed network services and digital media solutions.

HughesONTM Managed Network Solutions is a comprehensive suite of turnkey offerings for both enterprise and government multi-site organizations designed and optimized to transform your network, engage your employees, and elevate your customer experience.

HughesON Managed SD-Wan, powered by ActiveTechnologies™, transforms broadband connections into high performing and secure networks.  Our full suite of Digital media solutions can engage your employees, and elevate your customer experience.

From high-capacity to high-availability networks, from digital signage to employee communications and training, from managed security to managed Wi-Fi and voice.

hughes campus

HughesON Managed Solutions are designed to simplify the IT management needs of our customers and deliver the unique capabilities required by today's leading retailers, restaurants, banking and finance, hospitality, retail petroleum, government, and  franchise organizations.

With our world-class customer support and 40 years of innovation Hughes delivers the performance to accelerate your multi-site enterprise or government organization.   

With the HughesON portfolio of network and digital media solutions, you can do more with less, leverage your existing networking infrastructure for greater performance and capabilities, and affordably improve your competitive position by deploying the latest applications—ultimately transforming your network into an essential asset to serve your business.

Our Customers

HughesONTM Managed Network Services frees enterprises and government agencies to focus on running their operations while Hughes manages their networks. Our team can offer the most comprehensive range of network design, program management, implementation, and operational capabilities to meet the most complex and demanding communications requirements.