Oil & Gas


Support your exploration oil rig, or lay a secure backbone for your pipeline with a highly reliable, secure, always-on network from Hughes.

In today's highly sophisticated energy exploration industry, network speed and reliability are critical. With the constant stream of vital information that needs to be collected, relayed, and analyzed, a fast, secure and reliable network is the only way to manage costs and keep operations flowing.

If your network access goes down, so do productivity and profits. Land-based communications are often not an option. Innovative Hughes technologies solve real-world challenges by providing high-speed connectivity no matter the location: rig, exploration, drilling, completion, production or pipeline.

Benefits for Oil & Gas include

  • High speed, industrial grade Internet: High-quality, single-provider connectivity across all sites, even your most remote rig, pipeline or mine

  • Connecting remote locations: Affordable high speed Internet access and remote connectivity, even in areas with harsh or variable terrain

  • Networks on the move: Set up and break down rig communications in order to move operations quickly and efficiently

  • Ensuring network operations and continuity: More available and affordable than cellular wireless, WiMAX or microwave

  • Building your reseller business: If you wish to partner with Hughes to start your own business as a reseller of our products and services, Hughes is eager to talk to you further. Click here to get started today!


Hughes Energy Solutions


Keep track of all your remote locations with a fully managed network provider.