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Be Ready for Outdoor EMV. Be Ready for What Comes Next.
Outdoor EMV: Where are you on the road to readiness?

Where are you on the road to Outdoor EMV readiness?

Even though the Outdoor EMV deadline has been pushed back to 4/17/2021, that doesn’t delay your need to get moving to comply. Use this simple and interactive checklist to find out just how ready you are to meet the liability shift deadline. 

What Now? Five Tips for Navigating the New EMV Deadline

Be the EMVP. Understand the Deadlines.

The clock is ticking on key technology upgrades. Are you prepared to leverage the changes to take your network to the next level and drive your business forward? 

Upcoming EMV Deadline with Gas Station

Meet the EMV Deadline and Plan for What's Next.

Do more than meet the EMV liability shift deadline. Win the deadline. Get the network you want and the partner you need to support all the complex challenges you face.

Think bandwidth. Think security. Think partnership. Think Hughes. 


How can Hughes help?

As a Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) our goal is to make technology easier and cost-effective. We have a comprehensive portfolio of business solutions to meet all of your technology needs. We are here to help you be ready for the deadline and ready for what comes next.


Think Partnership. Think Hughes.

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