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Dangerous Assumptions About Outdoor EMV Liability Shift
NACS 2020 CTC Webinars: "Crack the Code"
The C-store industry is in the midst of a perfect storm. Beyond COVID-19, there are many other meaningful trends that are driving technology transformation from within the industry, including age verification to reduce underaged vaping, market consolidation, and new data privacy regulations. The impending outdoor Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) liability shift will segregate the industry into two groups: those who support forecourt EMV chip transaction and those who do not. In this session, Tim Tang will provide an overview of key market trends and provide guidance on how best to prepare.
While the outdoor EMV liability shift has dominated technology adoption in the C-store industry for the past several years, there are other growing cybersecurity threats to consider. Leading C-store brands have suffered very public data breaches. While outdoor EMV upgrades allow for chip transactions in the forecourt and the associated Managed Network Service Providers (MNSP) aim to reduce counterfeit credit card fraud, these investments do nothing to protect the back office PC and other critical components in the store. In this session, Tim Tang will provide an overview of cybersecurity essentials for C-store operators.
The C-store industry is facing enormous market pressures. While COVID-19 may dominate the headlines, there are many other risks that are equally as threatening to this industry, including growing cybersecurity threats, new privacy regulations that govern customer/employee data, and the outdoor EMV
liability shift. In this session, Todd McClelland, McDermott Will & Emery LLP, will provide a broad overview of the various business risks for the C-store industry and give guidance on how C-store operators may prepare.
As the C-store industry endures a dramatic digital transformation, technology plays a dominant role in the customer’s and employee’s store experiences. Effective execution can drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, and increase employee retention. An inadequate tech stack
will continuously undermine store operations and threaten the viability of the business. In this session, Gray Taylor, CONEXXUS Executive Director, will share key principles for C-store operators of all sizes to consider in the development of their technological strategies.
Ransomware Protection and how a Managed Security Service Provider can Protect You from Being the Next Target
CSN EBook 08 2020

The Digitally Advanced C-Store: The Future is Already Here

Consumers want a safe, fast, and friction-free shopping experience, and that requires strong technology. C-stores must be able to quickly identify and deploy solutions that support consumers’ fast-changing preferences. But this technology won’t perform without a solid digital infrastructure. Learn what C-stores must do to compete.

‘Wait & See’ Is Over: It's Time to Choose an MNSP for Your C-Store

You’ve been hearing about MNSPs, Outdoor EMV and Retiring POS Firewalls for a while now, but there is no more time to wait. This ebook offers insight on everything you need to know to make the right decisions for your business. One of the first decisions you need to make is to select the right MNSP.

CSN eBook 07 2020
Be Ready for Outdoor EMV. Be Ready for What Comes Next.
Outdoor EMV: Where are you on the road to readiness?

Where are you on the road to Outdoor EMV readiness?

Even though the Outdoor EMV deadline has been pushed back to 4/17/2021, that doesn’t delay your need to get moving to comply. Use this simple and interactive checklist to find out just how ready you are to meet the liability shift deadline. 

What Now? Five Tips for Navigating the New EMV Deadline

Be the EMVP. Understand the Deadlines.

The clock is ticking on key technology upgrades. Are you prepared to leverage the changes to take your network to the next level and drive your business forward? 

Upcoming EMV Deadline with Gas Station

Meet the EMV Deadline and Plan for What's Next.

Do more than meet the EMV liability shift deadline. Win the deadline. Get the network you want and the partner you need to support all the complex challenges you face.

Think bandwidth. Think security. Think partnership. Think Hughes. 


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