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CSN EBook 08 2020

The Digitally Advanced C-Store: The Future is Already Here

Consumers want a safe, fast, and friction-free shopping experience, and that requires strong technology. C-stores must be able to quickly identify and deploy solutions that support consumers’ fast-changing preferences. But this technology won’t perform without a solid digital infrastructure. Learn what C-stores must do to compete.

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Hughes is a leading provider of connectivity and digital signage services for Convenience Stores.

  • Connectivity is Critical to the Convenience 2.0 Experience

    One unmistakable impact of the pandemic is the emergence of "Convenience 2.0," a concept stemming from the dramatic rise of in-home delivery and curbside...

  • The Technology Problem in Franchising

    Franchising has a technology problem. The argument is quite simple: Business today is being driven by technology. Technology is complicated...

  • The Outdoor EMV C-store Cybersecurity Gap

    C-Store operators who have not upgraded their fuel dispensers to accept EMV chip transactions will be held liable for...

  • It's Easy to Get Started and Impress with Digital Signage

    For too long, digital signage was limited to large companies with internal technology teams and logistics groups who could procure, install, and...

  • 5 Considerations for Digital Signage in Business

    Knowing your desired outcome before you begin is critical to success with Digital Signage. Here are some considerations as you plan your digital signage implementation.

  • Rebuilding Trust between Franchisors and Franchisees

    The keys to rebuilding trust in franchising are to consider the consequences, create credibility, and effectively communicate.

  • Customer Facing Signage Market Report

    Digital Signage allows retailers to move beyond passive content to produce positive reactions and additional value for customers.

  • Benefits of Digital Signage - eBook

    Here’s what industry experts have to say about how, when, and where to deploy digital signage successfully across your organization so you can get plugged into its many benefits.

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