Solving the Networking Challenges of Remote Sites


Managing a network infrastructure across multiple locations comes with a set of specific challenges that single-location operations don’t have to consider. When a business looks to deliver products and services in locations closer to its customers, it needs to provide the same level of network support at each of its locations that other types of companies only need to support at a single site. Here are four of the most common challenges and proven solutions for this kind of network management.

  • Duplicating the headquarters experience – In today’s world of travelling leadership and mobile workers, a common complaint is: “I can’t do things in the field that I can do at headquarters!” or “This is so slow in the field compared to HQ!” If a company expects work to be done in the field or across its locations, the network needs to enable the same Quality of Service everywhere. A managed networking service is the best way to ensure consistent speed and access.
  • Overseeing employee access – Granting and revoking network access at a single location is a walk in the park compared to the complexity of supporting employee access across many sites. IT needs the ability to make changes quickly and accurately. This is where SD-WAN services are most helpful because they can integrate effortlessly with HR systems and pass user location data automatically based on a master system of record.
  • Securing multiple branches – Firewalls are critical for corporate security, but a single, massive firewall across multiple locations can be unwieldy to manage and vulnerable to attacks across the system. SD-WAN helps with these needs too. Instead of depending on a single firewall to protect the network with all traffic funneling through a single headquarters location, local firewalls can be implemented at remote sites and kept current with SD-WAN integrations.
  • Managing network complexity – At points where the corporate network touches the public network, management is crucial. VPN access, dangerous site prevention, IDS/IPS, Anti-Virus and more all need to be implemented, managed and monitored. Protecting network assets across a single location is difficult enough, but as these touch points grow in number and the negative attack culture gains strength, network management grows ever more complex. Businesses everywhere are using SD-WAN solutions to protect thousands of sites like this every day.

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